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Sachiko Akiyama

10 Artists to Watch

Boston Globe,

Friday, May 9, 2008

by Cate McQuaid

10 Artists to Watch
Akiyama, 32, carves beautifully introspective figures out of soft, light basswood, then paints them. The artist commands higher prices ($8,000-$35,000) than many of her peers because her work is so labor-intensive; it can take a year for the full-time artist to complete once piece. Sometimes they're portraits of herself and her family, sometimes allegorical. "I've always been interested in making something psychological," she says. Her sculptures have the allure and economy of a Buddha statue and the sense that there's more going on under the surface of each figure than the viewer could dream. Nielsen Gallery, 179 Newbury Street, 617-266-4835.

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